Extension @GoogleChrome Rev130325

크롬설치후 반드시 설치하는 익스텐션들

  1. 단축url: Goo.gl URL Shortener(옵션: Gmail, Google+,Blogger, Google Bookmarks,Tumblr, Twitter 등 다양하게 사용) / bitly |  your bitmarks(url설정,Bundle로 url 묶기, Public 공개가능)
  2. Clip: Evernote Web Clipper
  3. Pocket (formerly Read It Later).
  4. 인용,발췌 Diigo: Bookmark, Archive, Highlight & Sticky-Note
  5. 읽기 – Feedly – Your News, RSS, Google Reader
  6. 글쓰기- Writer

북마클렛(로그인 필요)

  1. 링크참조: Tools  – WordPress.
  2. 도구모음: Tools – Delicious.

관련글: Extension Rev120803 @GoogleChrome | #eWord

😐 Feedly 에서 blogspot 구독추가시는 Full url을 넣어준다 (예시) http://ehrok.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

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