9 Ways Defeat Stress via @hghalvorson

성공한 사람들의 스트레스를 해소하는 9가지 습관 « NewsPeppermint.

  • 1. Have self-compassion.
  • 2. Remember the “Big Picture.”
  • 3. Rely on routines. 응답 습관을 만들어라
  • 4. Take five (or ten) minutes to do something you find interesting. 자신이 재미있어 하는것 5분.(그 이상은 조심)
  • 5. Add where and when to your to-do list.
  • 6. Use if-thens for positive self-talk. 만약… 이렇게 자문하라.
  • 7. See your work in terms of progress, not perfection 완벽이 아니라 진행과정을 봐라.(Get-Better Mind)
  • 8. Think about the progress that you’ve already made. (이룬것보다 진전에 대해 생각하라)
  • 9. Know whether optimism or defensive pessimism works for you.(긍정론자:Promotion Focus-긍정적마인드 유지필요 인지 비관론자: Prevention Focus – Defensive Pessimism 필요인가 알아라)

Nine Ways Successful People Defeat Stress – Heidi Grant Halvorson – Harvard Business Review. (@hghalvorson)

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